I have had the pleasure

I have had the pleasure of receiving quite a few energy readings by Shelby as well as 3 of her paintings. Receiving and bringing the paintings home is an experience. It was such a powerful one I cried everyday for two weeks when I brought home the first one. I would look at it and think of the words she had told me, they were simple but exactly what was necessary to create the healing I was requiring. Her readings are so very spot on and she relays them with incredible kindness. Anyone who come into my house and sees her paintings is astonished by the beauty and energy. I recommend a reading and a painting, to see yourself through the eyes of source invokes healing, calmness, serenity and an overall feeling of love, well at least mine does. I believe wholeheartedly in Shelbys abilities and the goodness of her heart as well as the purity of her intentions, she is everything a spiritualist at the highest level is.