And Then, She Appeared

It’s funny, I hear it all the time: “You are SO lucky you’re a medium, you can talk to your mother whenever you choose.” I always laugh when someone tells me that; its funny to me because this has not been my experience. My mother died in February of 2017. It was 13 days after […]


It was the night before the reading; this is how it happens sometimes, the Soul of the departed loved one will reach out to let me know they are ready to talk. I could see her, she had long gold pants and a matching short-sleeved shirt. She stood in front of me sparkling and gleaming. […]

I Saw Her Today

I saw her today. The part of me I’ve been ignoring, not wanting to see. Pre-teen/early teen years. Don’t you remember those years? Everything is so confusing during that time. You want to break the mold your parents placed around you, prove to them and yourself that you’re capable of taking care of your damn […]

We ARE Love

Hello, good people.   Today is the day after Christmas. Many of you have felt detached or unable to grasp feelings of Love and joy for various reasons. I came to tell you all that you are already the Love and fulfillment that you are searching for. Everything you desire is held within your heart […]