It was the night before the reading; this is how it happens sometimes, the Soul of the departed loved one will reach out to let me know they are ready to talk. I could see her, she had long gold pants and a matching short-sleeved shirt. She stood in front of me sparkling and gleaming. She was singing and I could hear her snapping her fingers to the beat of her own music.

Her smile was beaming and I could feel the personality shining through this amazing soul. I could hear her giving me her first name over and over. I finally told her I would need a middle name because I was already given the first name long before we’f had this encounter. My goal is always to validate the sitter, and while I may not always get names, I can usually get something to help verify to the sitter that the Spirit I am communicating with is in fact their deceased loved one.

She winked at me and I heard, “Lucille.” Then she showed me her hands, well manicured and full of jewelry. She was such a cool lady, and I was happy she was in my home. She was incredibly excited and ready to come through.

As the night went on and I was fast asleep in my bed, I woke up to someone gently rubbing my earlobe, and when I opened my eyes she was there sitting on my bed, tenderly smiling. She disappeared from my vision and I fell back asleep only to wake a few hours later to see her sitting on a gorgeous hand-carved wooden chair with a beautiful red cushion. She looked just like a queen on her throne; she smiled again and I fell back asleep.

The reading was scheduled for 9 AM the next morning. I prepared myself, as I always do before any reading, and I could feel her presence strongly. I understood a great healing would occur and I was fortunate enough to be the one to convey the information. What greater honor is there than to provide someone with the validation that their loved one is with them and sees, hears, and experiences their life with them?

Right on schedule I called the sitter. It was her grandmother that she was hoping would come forward. Little did she know that her grandmother had already been waiting for the reading to begin. Before I could even get out my little speech I like to give before the reading, the soul appeared in front of me clear as day. She immediately started giving me tons of information to validate her presence.

As I was conveying the information being shared, I referred to the Soul as “your grandma” to the sitter. Very loudly the soul clapped, “No! Don’t call me Grandma!” She laughed and laughed as I continued to fumble with the word Grandma throughout the reading, and every time she would shout in a thick accent, “C’mon, Shelby!! I don’t like the word GRANDMA! Do I look like a grandma to you?”  I kept hearing to call her, “ME,” or so I thought, and no sooner did I hear that, did the young woman speak up and say, “I called her Meem.”

As Meem poured her love out to the young woman, my body would wash over with goosebumps. Sometimes the love expressed during a reading causes intense emotions to surface, and this was no different. Being a part of such an incredibly strong connection makes it impossible to deny that life continues after we pass over.

I knew that her Meem was now her Guardian Angel, always trying to get the young woman’s attention, guiding her gently and whispering in her ear. I also knew that even though Meem never got a chance to spend physical time with the young woman’s daughter, she was there for the birth and every day after. She beamed proudly over the young woman, embracing her and kissing her cheeks.

I always say that Spirit is as subtle as the wind, but Meem showed that sometimes Spirit is a subtle as a brick through a window; we just have to understand the signs as they come in.

I do not usually write in about readings I do, but the connection I had to that Soul was so deep and full of love I wanted to share it. Meem, a strong teacher, helped me learn a lot that day about communication and trust. Her presence will never be forgotten, and even as I type this now I can feel her encouragement and love.

I am so grateful and honored to be a part of this life.

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Source: Third Eye Betty

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