My sister, who was kind

My sister, who was kind enough to allow my daughter and myself to be part of the call, just had her first Reading by Shelby. All I can say is WOW!!!

But, let me say more: Shelby is warm and welcoming, allowing each of us to feel at ease. There was no pretense just pure energy coming from Shelby as she identified the souls that were appearing to her and the messages they relayed. Sitting back, I (mostly) sat quietly giving my sister the opportunity to respond to Shelby’s insights; they were spot on! Each insight that Shelby shared could be easily relatable to the subject, our mother, my sister was seeking to better understand. Our mother had been appearing to my sister. Shelby helped my sister understand that forgiveness and encouragement were messages mom was attempting to convey. The one-hour session seemed to fly by. As I shared with Shelby after the call, I will be scheduling an appointment with her for my own reading!

Just sayin’: I wasn’t totally sold on Energy Readers before. Now, I am! At least, Energy Reading with Shelby.

Thank you, Shelby, for your personal, warm approach in helping put us at ease while being spot-on reading the energies that surrounded you.